Christmas Planning Fit For A Princess

Thanksgiving is over and Halloween is a memory best forgotten this year. Who could have predicted that the holidays would look like this this year? For the first time in forever, we aren’t scrambling to make plans to include everyone – K’s mom and both sides of our family. In fact, we’re scrambling to come up with a viable plan for K to safely spend time with mom, dad, and us for Christmas…I think we’ve got it figured out.

K is going to spend Christmas Eve with Dad. Then, he’ll come home early in the morning for presents and family time on Christmas. Finally, he’ll go to his mom’s for the rest of Christmas Day and come home the next day. All of us have been diligent about cancelling visits if necessary and communicating any known exposures. While we are diligent about this whole thing, we also have faith that God is going to keep him, and all 3 households, safe.

Meanwhile, I’m busy planning gifts for all the kids in our extended family, our kids, Aboji, and Dada. K’s birthday theme this year was LEGO, and that was such a hit that I think all of the kids will be getting LEGO for Christmas this year. Well…Duplo for the youngest two kiddos who aren’t even 5 yet.

My kids are a different story. I honestly have no clue this year. All they really seem to want is for life to go back to normal. Maybe Aboji will have some ideas.

M recently had an appointment at Best Buy to try to get her AirPods fixed, but their diagnostic equipment wasn’t working. While she was dealing with that ball of frustration, I went shopping for Aboji. Shhh! Don’t tell him that he’s getting video games for Christmas…specifically Zelda. This will have to be our secret for a couple more weeks.

Beyond the kids, I’m really struggling with Dada’s gift. Neither of us wants the other to spend money. I think I’ve come up with a solution though. Remember when we used to make mix tapes? How about burning CDs? Well, I guess making a playlist is the current equivalent. So I’m going to make Dada a playlist of songs that remind me of him. I’m kind of nervous about it…his taste in music is just as eclectic as mine, but he tends to pick better songs than I do. On top of the playlist, I’m coloring, well colouring since he lives in the UK, a picture for him. I’ll take a pic of it to text to him on Christmas, but I’ll send it to him later on. I hope he likes his gift.

I also plan to play at church on Christmas Eve for all 5 of the services. It makes for a very long day, especially since we usually celebrate Christmas with Aboji’s side of the family afterward. It’s soooooo rewarding though. I get to help out on the busiest day of the year, and the other bass players get to spend the day with their families. I look forward to it every year. Here’s hoping and praying that things aren’t too different this year.

Aboji already bought our Christmas lasagne. I know it sounds weird, but it’s a tradition I grew up with and Aboji didn’t have a treaditional Christmas meal growing up. Before I started playing at church on Christmas Eve we made the lasagne from scratch. Now, I’m usually wiped out on Christmas. I play at church, then we celebrate with Aboji’s family, then I have a ton of gifts to wrap and get under the tree while Aboji falls asleep. So now we do a frozen lasagne with salad for Christmas dinner. Maybe next year I’ll do a homemade one for M’s last childhoood Christmas…we’ll see where life takes us.

What plans do you have this month? Christmas? Chanukah? Kwanza? Nothing? What traditions do you have? How will the pandemic effect them this year?

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