The Princess Quits Smoking – Reimagined

Happy New Year! I am currently trying to catch up on my posts since Thanksgiving. I apologize for dropping the ball, and once I’m caught up, you won’t know unless you’re reading this post because I’ll be dating them for the weeks that I’ve missed.

A lot has happened since I last sat down to write a post. My church closed for the second time, but this time it was because of COVID-19 hitting the staff. It has since re-reopened, and I am hoping and praying that the staff stays safe. The people I thought were close enough to be my family, and a big influence in me even starting this blog, were not the loving and kind people I thought they were and we no longer speak. I started a new server on Discord after our falling out. I started smoking again.I smoked for a week. Then I quit again…for a day. So, I smoked until the new year. Then I quit again…for a day and a half.

I did research while I was smoking during the end of the year. It had been several years since my last attempt at vaping, and I figured there had to be some major advancements and more information to be had. Boy was I right! Fortunately, I know how to be specific when it comes to Google. I don’t know if I’ll ever truly know why I had adverse reactions before, but I did learn that if came down to the composition of the e-juice. I know it wasn’t the amount of nicotine, because the last e-juices I tried were nicotine-free.

So 11 days ago, I went to a nearby vape shop. I walked in knowing I wanted to try vaping again, and knowing I’d need to buy new equipment to do so. I asked the clerk to explain the changes to me, letting her know that I had bad reactions before. She explained the different devices, how they functioned, and how they compared to the others they had. I wound up choosing a mid-range mod kit (I’m just repeating the words they told me, don’t ask me for specifics) and I’ve enjoyed it every day since. I may upgrade in the future to something comparable but with the capacity for a larger tank, but for now I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I had already looked at the e-juice flavors online, and knew of one I wanted to try, but I also knew I wanted something close to my favorite Camel Crush menthols (menthol cigarettes with a menthol crush bead in the filter to release more menthol). I remembered from my previous attempts that the menthol tobacco flavor tasted like minty, moldy dirt [insert shudder here]. So I asked about the mintiest mint flavor they had. I wound up choosing peppermint. Simple, right? And the flavor I wanted to try? It’s called Kryptonite and it’s listed as a candy flavor. It’s delicious!

Photo by Rafael Barros on

I started slowly – with no nicotine to make sure I wouldn’t have a bad reaction. I vaped for a full day with no reactions while still smoking for nicotine. So I went back and asked them to add the smallest amount of nicotine possible. They added 1.5 mg of nicotine. It is the perfect amount for me. I don’t get headaches from the e-juice, but I still get a little bit of nicotine. I had my last cigarette on day 3 of vaping and I haven’t looked back.

The flavors I mentioned? I love them both, but since I only got the basics when I started vaping, I wound up mixing a bit of the Kryptonite with the peppermint. That made my mouth happy! But I made sure to have a couple of tanks of just peppermint to guage my flavor preference. Turns out that I like them both…together. 1/3 Kryptonite with 2/3 peppermint gives me a hint of candy with the mint. I had to get more e-juice today, so when I went to the vape shop I asked for it to be mixed for me. They were more than happy to accomodate me, and now I have my very own flavor. I think I’ll call it “Kryptomint.” Get it?

I get the mint I miss from my cigarettes, the action that I definitely missed when I quit smoking last year, and enough difference in flavor that I am reminded of the healthier choice I’m making. Plus my mouth doesn’t taste like an ashtray any more!

The biggest change? I don’t have to go outside unless I want to! I can’t wait for that to really hit home this summer when we hit the triple digits again.

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